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Why choose Compass Drilling?

  • We pride ourselves on only using top quality products and parts, because in the end, your bore is an asset.
  • We are small enough to provide full attention to each job to the highest professional standard, and never treat customers like a number.
  • We perform the full services from visiting for a free quote, to full installation and everything in between.

Do you provide submersible pumps?

Yes! Compass Drilling specializes in Submersible pumps for garden bore installations.

Do you provide retic services?

Yes - in fact we contracted out to many Reticulation Shops in Perth

What are the benefits of having a bore installed?

  • Get free garden water FOREVER! Plus you are saving Australia's precious drinking water.
  • Natural nutrients and food source for your garden to thrive and grow all year round and saving money on products.
  • Reduced water bill - offsetting the increases, especially with the impending carbon tax

Do you provide directional drilling?

Unfortunately we do not - sorry.

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